Improved visibility in the control panel, payments limit change in Sandbox

Today, we are announcing two changes that should improve the usability in production and sandbox environments.

Rejected Incoming Payments

Although rejected incoming payments have been present and documented in the Devengo API for a very long time, they were not visible in the control panel. The rejected incoming payments will now be visible in line with our continuous efforts to improve consistency and transparency.

The reasons why an incoming payment may be rejected are multiple and varied -although it occurs only rarely- and we hope this change will give you increased visibility on what is happening in these circumstances.

Payment limit change in Sandbox

Currently, the payments created in Sandbox are limited to 15.000€. This limit will be changed to 1.000€ to prevent inadvertently exhausting the balance of the sandbox accounts.

As documented, the sandbox accounts are initiated with 150K€. Still, when testing the API, as we are not using real money, we may be tempted to provide any amount, no matter how high, depleting our balance after just a few tests. With the new limit, all payments for amounts larger than 1K€ will be automatically blocked to bring attention to this issue and prevent unintended consequences.

These two changes will made effective on January 26th, 2024.