Accounts Set Up

Devengo Client Accounts according to your business needs

We consider two use cases when creating a Devengo account set up for you. According to your business needs, we will have to set up one option or another.

Each Devengo Client Account can generate bank accounts owned by itself. At the moment, we do not allow the creation of bank accounts for different Holders Entities within the same Devengo Client Account.

As a result, we will have two models.

Account/s for your company

If you are a company that wants to operate with your bank accounts programmatically, you must have a client account with Devengo. To operate with us, you must pass the AML (anti-money laundering) process we require of all our clients. Once this process is satisfactorily completed, you can create and close all the bank accounts you may need (according to your program limits) for your own company in the same Devengo Client Account.

Several accounts for your clients

If in addition, to the bank accounts for your own company, you need to create bank accounts for your clients to orchestrate payments for them, you will need a Devengo Client Account for each of them. Your clients will be considered a third-party entity that must also pass the AML process before being able to operate in Devengo. Due to this model, you will have several credentials (one for each of your clients) to access the API.

This is the current status of the product. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or thoughts about account setup.