Smart Retry System

Introduction to our internal Smart Retry System that boosts payment deliverability.

Instant payments can fail due to a temporary destination bank or ACH service down. Our Smart Retry System will detect those temporary errors and automatically send them again until the payment is confirmed or the maximum number of attempts is reached.

Outline of the Devengo retry system

Does this mean I will receive multiple 'rejected' events?

No, Devengo manages the errors internally, so only one outgoing_payment.rejected event will be sent if the system ultimately determines that further retries should not be attempted.

How do I know if a payment is being retried?

We have introduced a new state in the payment lifecycle with its corresponding event so that integrators know what is happening. This event will only be sent once, even if Devengo internally performs multiple retries.

What kind of errors can be retried?

All errors related to temporary service downs will be eligible to be retried. It’s important to note that errors related to AML validation or destination account issues (account being closed or blocked) won’t be retried.

How long will it be retried for?

Depending on the type of error, the system will determine the maximum number of retries that will be attempted. As a rule, it will be retried a maximum of 5 times, following this progression:

# RetryTimeExample
130 minutes2023-01-01 00:30:00 UTC
23 hours2023-01-01 03:30:00 UTC
35 hours2023-01-01 08:30:00 UTC
47 hours2023-01-01 15:30:00 UTC
59 hours2023-01-02 00:30:00 UTC

Sending as a regular transfer

In certain situations, the Smart Retry System may send a payment as a regular transfer. In the case of SEPA, the processor.scheme and instant fields will be updated with the corresponding values.