Accounts Currency

Devengo Accounts according to its currency

Devengo accounts behave and operate just like normal bank accounts. Each one has its own account number and can be used to receive and make payments.

You can add to your client account as many accounts as you need (depending on your use case). Each one will have its own sort code and account number for the GBP currency accounts and its own IBAN for the EUR currency ones. Depending on what needs you have and the contract signed with us, you will be able to create accounts with Euros, accounts GBP, or both.

Once you have created your account, you will be able to make and receive payments in the same currency. For the moment, we do not allow sending money from a currency to an account in a different one. For the same reason, you would not be able to make internal payments in Devengo from a EUR account to a GBP account or vice versa.