December 23

Here you have the list of notable fixes and improvements we worked on this month:

Control Panel

  • In the Account section, you can now download a PDF file with your transactions and the Excel file. This need attends to the request of some users asking for a non-manipulable file format to audit their account balances.
  • Added to the Payments, Incoming Payments, and Verifications Excel files a column with the fee of every operation. Depending on the client's pricing, the tier levels they have, the volume of monthly operations, or whether a payment, for example, has retries or not, the price of each operation may vary. It is therefore crucial to show our users exactly how much each operation has cost.
  • In the Account details section, improvement in the view of the limit of the amount allowed to be sent in a payout.
  • Set the same default timeframe for the calendar filters in all the sections of the Control Panel (30 days).
  • Welcome email to the first member of a company in Production.


  • The "fee" parameter has been added to the response of a payment. This parameter will return "null" until the payment reaches a final state where its associated fee will appear. You can see in the documentation how the parameter will be displayed.
  • Improvement Dynamic ETA, on regular payments.
  • Improvement in special characters’ treatment in descriptions do not receive a rejected payment.


  • Glossary section.