October 23

Smart Retry System launched to increase payment deliverability

Smart Retry System

Outline of the Devengo Smart Retry System

We are glad to announce the official launch of our Smart Retry System.

In September and October, we conducted a progressive roll-out of the system, reaching 100% of them without any incidents during the launch.

With this system, we aim to increase the success rate of payment delivery. Devengo instantly analyzes the types of errors returned by banks or clearinghouses. If they are retriable, the payment enters our Smart Retry System until it is successfully sent. For more information, you can refer to our documentation.

Other remarkable changes:

Control Panel

  • Allow change timezone in the profile section
  • Allow change of profile data (name, password, and role position)
  • Allow change of the name of an account

Legacy and refactors

  • Shutdown of all legacy transaction’s sync code, development before our current ledger


  • Adding a Changelog section to the Devengo docs to maintain our users updated


  • Adding a direct link to the Sandbox and Production Control Panel login through the website