Improved transparency: fee details

In our commitment to constantly improve the transparency and completeness of our services, starting on Friday, 15 Dec 2023, payments and incoming payments will include information about the fee Devengo charges for each entity. Please keep reading to discover the details.

Fee details

Once the change is live, you will be able to see the fee-related information for any payment or incoming payment under a new fee element in the API response:

  "payment": {
    "id": "pyo_4JgnTOvdXQWn81NK1bOhIY",
    "account_id": "acc_7SZwPFdReAtDu8aNr1T5dE",
    // All other payment attributes skipped for brevity
    "fee": {
      "cents": 10,
      "currency": "EUR"

A few important details about this information:

  • The fee will be empty in the early stages of a payment's life cycle. The reason is that, at that point, we still don't know the potential incidents that may arise from its processing. Our smart retry system will automatically try to fix any transitory errors on the banking rails on your behalf, a process that may incur additional fees.

  • Similarly, some entities may not incur any fees, and the details will be consequentially empty. For example, at the current moment, Devengo is not charging any fee for any incoming payments produced due to funds movements between your accounts. This may change in the future.

  • The specific fee for your payments is determined by your contract and any tiered pricing agreed upon. If you have any doubt about it, please get in touch with your account manager or write to us at [email protected].

  • This is a back-compatible change and should require no technical change to current integrations.

With this step, we are giving all our customers complete, atomized visibility on what entities incur a fee on Devengo and increased accountability on how your invoice is calculated monthly.

More changes are coming to increase the API's completeness and transparency. Stay tuned.