How and when will the payments be executed

Payments execution

Devengo will always try to execute any payment as fast as possible. That means instantaneously in many scenarios, but there are cases where the destination bank or the banking scheme used will introduce delays in the reception of the money.

As we understand our customers need to know as accurately as possible when the money will arrive, we provide an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) when you create a new Payment. The ETA provided will consider what payment schemes the destination bank supports. If no instant scheme is supported, additional settings (time of day, day of the week, bank holidays, etc.) will be included in the estimation as they will affect the money's reception date.

Processor information

Many factors can influence the final processing of a payment. Some schemes impose a transaction amount limit, some destination banks may have joined some networks but not others, etc.

We include a processor element for each payment that details the specific network and scheme used for its final execution, giving our users maximum transparency:

  "processor": {
    "network": "SEPA",
    "scheme": "SCT-INST"

This is the list of the currently supported networks and schemes:

NetworkSchemeFunds arrival
SEPASCT-INST<10 seconds

When network and scheme takes the value INTERNAL, it means the money movement has been made internally by Devengo, so SEPA has not been involved.