Limitations present in the Sandbox environment

Account Holders

To enhance your testing experience with the Account Holder entity in the Sandbox environment, its behavior significantly deviates from that of the Production environment.

In Sandbox, when you create an Account Holder, you'll notice a swift transition from the "created" state to the "active" state, passing through the "validating" state almost instantly. The purpose behind this behavior is to enable you to initiate the account creation process with the new Account Holder immediately, eliminating the need to wait for validation by Devengo.

In contrast, in the Production environment, an Account Holder will persist in the "validating" status for a longer duration.


The accounts created in Sandbox are not real bank accounts, and therefore, they can NOT receive funds from outside the systems. If you need extra money credited to your sandbox accounts, please get in touch with [email protected].

Blocked payments

Currently, the payments created in Sandbox are limited to 1000€. This is mainly to prevent inadvertently exhausting the balance of the sandbox accounts.

When a payment exceeds this limit, it is automatically blocked. To faithfully reflect what would happen in a real scenario, this payment is not blocked indefinitely, but will eventually be released or denied. In a real environment the validation to decide which way the payment will finally go would be done by our team after contacting the customer (i.e. you) and making all the necessary verifications, but in Sandbox it is done automatically depending on how much the limit has been exceeded:

  • If it has been exceeded by 100€ or less (i.e. if the amount of the payment does not exceed 1100€), it will be released and continue its normal flow.
  • If it has been exceeded by more than 100€ (i.e. if the amount of the payment exceeds 1100€), it will be denied.

The time it will take to come out of the blocked state is 1 minute.

This way you can test these flows in a controlled environment.