Using test data in sandbox to improve and secure your integration

Payments test data

By default, all payments created in the sandbox will be confirmed as if the money transfer has been successful. However, to test your code against potential errors originating on the banking rails (blocked accounts, temporal Bank institutions' timeouts, etc.), we provide the following IBANs that, when used in the sandbox environment, will always generate a specific error you can manage:

IBANError CodeError type

The following test data will raise a custom reason code unrelated to the network you are using.

IBANError CodeError typeReason

Verifications test data

By default, all verifications created in the sandbox will be confirmed using the code with the number 000000 for it. So if you use any other code number, the verification will remain in delivered status, and you will have 5 attempts in total to confirm it or finally pass to the failed status.

If you created the verification in the sandbox and it is not confirmed within 7 days, the verification will go to expired status.

To test your code against possible errors originating from the bank rails in the verification submission (blocked accounts, temporary timeouts from banking institutions, etc.), you can use the same testing bank accounts provided for payments.