September 23

Here you have the list of notable fixes and improvements we worked on this month:

August 23

We launched the Control Panel section that everyone was waiting for...

July 23

There are a couple of things that we can announce from the last month:


Account Identifiers, Third party info on payments, Creation date on issued accounts

Some great changes are coming to Devengo API, connected with increased consistency and new market support in the service. Please keep reading to discover them.

Bank information on account creation endpoint

We announce an important change that involves the deprecation of the current bic attribute in the account creation endpoint.


Introduction of a new initial state

We have introduced a new created initial state. See details below.


Sunsetting the internal transfer endpoint

We are sunsetting the Create Internal Transfer endpoint (/v1/internal_transfers), which will be removed on October 24th, 2022.